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Friday, 02 October 2009 03:37

eBioCenter Corporation (“eBioCenter”) is a web-based information services and emarketing company, specializing in partnering, outsourcing, licensing and networking. By applying our knowledge database, e-commerce system, and marketing expertise, eBioCenter facilitates the meeting of users and vendors for the purposes of gathering information, selling and purchasing products and services, and conducting business activities. eBioCenter is committed to enabling the most-effective methods of business to customer (B to C), business to business (B to B), and customer to business (C to B) interactions. Specifically, eBioCenter provides the following online resources and platforms for our customers and clients (shown in the diagram). Please click different areas of the image to access individual website or additional pages.

eBioCenter’s online system of information and resources is designed to bridge users or buyers to vendors or service providers by web-based functional modules. They are inter-related and act as the satellites of the central system (i.e. the web-based knowledge database and information processing system). The eBioCenter system provides targeted deliveries of information via emailing, webinar, video, poster and slide shows. Our users or clients can access the information of interest and communicate to specific parties, including vendors, buyers, and/or customers. Customers can also obtain information from vendors via different channels in eBioCenter system.

Furthermore, eBioCenter would like to utilize its web-operating systems, corporate capabilities, and resources to provide our clients with the custom services to meet the client’s needs for business development, emarketing, market development, sales promotion, partnership, outsourcing, service providing, distribution, online delivery, etc.

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