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eBioCenter Corporation (“eBioCenter” or “eBio”) is committed to providing an effective and efficient system to bridge buyers and sellers, as well as service providers and resource seekers in the life science and biomedical industry. eBio has developed a unique e-resource center and business interaction gateway, which not only enables e-marketing and e-commerce, but also facilitates networking in our membership-based and user-interactive system. For example, eBio offers the following synergistic resources:

  1. Portal for product and service listing, comparing, and shopping
  2. Marketplace for exhibitions, conferences, forums, webinars, and workshops
  3. Expertise for branding and product-line positioning
  4. Platform for promoting technology licensing, outsourcing, and contracting
  5. Support for entrepreneurship, funding, and career development
  6. Resources for information sharing and knowledge exchanging
  7. System for networking, partnering, collaborating, and deal-making

eBioShow™ is an e-marketplace, which is designed to promote the marketing and trading of products, services, technologies, intellectual properties, and information. The features and advantages of the eBioShow™ are highlighted as follows:

Online Exhibition and Presentation

eBioShow™ organizes the presentation and display of technologies, products, services, and resources from member companies. eBio provides the Virtual Exhibition Hall as the marketplace for business to customer (B to C), business to business (B to B), and customer to business (C to B). Our customers can readily access via computer the information and data that is presented by exhibitors. Inquiring, shopping and even purchasing can be conducted through either the eBioMember™ system or at exhibitors’ home websites.

eBioShow™ warmly welcomes our customers to enter the Exhibition Hall to enjoy the trade shows and workshops. We also sincerely invite exhibitors to take the advantages of the eBioShow™ by signing up for our programs and services.

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