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Protein Forest, Inc. (founded in 2002) is a proteomics tools company located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The company develops, manufactures and markets instruments, consumables and software products to scientists around the world. The initial product lines utilize a new technology called parallel isoelectric focusing which is incorporated into the digital ProteomeChip™ (dPC™).

The first applications addressed are Mass Spectroscopy (MS) sample prep and Western Blotting. The digital ProteomeChip™ product line brings unmatched speed, reproducibility and high resolution in an easy to use format. Furthermore, proteins identified by MS can be confirmed by running another dPC™ and performing isoelectric Western Blotting (iWB). The company also develops and markets data analysis software called Mass Spec Results Analysis Tools (MSRAT™) that allows scientists of any discipline to discover the richness of their dPC™ results within minutes.

Future applications of the technology include isoelectric protein purification, automated systems and 2D dPC™ formats. We are very interested in your ideas on how to use this technology as well. Please contact us for further information.

U.S Patent 7,166,202 is issued for the dPC™ platform. Other patents are pending. All intellectual property is wholly owned by Protein Forest, Inc.

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